Career In Commerce


Commerce is all about the understanding of business or trade. It deals with studies of market, economics, fiscal policies and so on. Commerce is a board orbit of interdisciplinary branches viz. accountancy, business administration, finance, economics, marketing, advertisement, e-commerce, and so many. The overall economic health of a nation largely depends on advanced commerce studies. This stream offers a wide range of career options.

Commerce opens up many career avenues. Globalsation, foreign insurance and foreign banks has created enormous job opportunities for commerce students.

On successful completion of B.Com, Commerce students can get job related to business & finance.


Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com) Duration: 3 years, Centres: Commerce Colleges, Some Universities offer courses in B.Com with specialization in Banking and Insurance, Computer Application, Foreign Trade, E-Commerce, Office Management, Tax, Advertising & Sales Management.

Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) Duration: 3 years, Centres: Commerce Colleges.

Bachelor of Management Studies (BMS) Duration: 3 years, Centres: Commerce Colleges.

Bachelor of Business Studies (BBS) Duration: 3 years, Centres: Commerce Colleges.

Bachelor of Corporate Secretary-ship (BCS) Duration: 3 years, Centres: Commerce Colleges.

Diploma in Industrial Accountant Centre: The institute of Computer Accountants.


Masters of Commerce (M.Com): 2 years Centres: Many Commerce Colleges.

Master of Corporate Secretary ship (MCS)

Master of Finance & Control.

M.Com Banking and Insurance Management, Co-operative Management, Marketing.

Master of Financial Control (MFC).

Master of Financial Administration (MFA).

Master of Financial Management (MFM).

MBA (Finance): An MBA course can vary in duration with a regular MBA being a 2 year course, while Executive MBA 1 year course.


Post Graduate Diploma in Capital Market & Investment Analysis

Post Graduate Diploma in Finance & Control.

Post Graduate Diploma in Management Accounting.

Post Graduate Diploma in Banking & Finance.

Post Graduate Diploma in Public Accounting

Post Graduate Diploma in Treasury Management


Chartered Accountant (CA):

He/She is specialized in accounting, auditing and taxation. CA serves as a corporate caretaker and occupies respectable position in corporate world. CA is a well remunerated career option because of its multifaceted nature.Site:

Company Secretary (CS):

He/She coordinates various departments, ensures compliances of company legislations and advises directors on statutory requirements of the company. Apart from this, CS also looks after finance, accounts, legal personnel and administrative functions. CS is a well remunerated career option because of its multifaceted nature.Site:

Cost and Work Accountant (CWA):

Certified maintain cost accounting records do cost auditing for companies, certify import and export documents under the EXIM Policy,serve as executor, administrator, receiver and valuer. CWA facilitates strategic decisions in respect of diverse economic activities of the organization.Site:

Chartered Financial Analysis (CFA):

Chartered Financial Analysis utilize their skills in the core areas of financial and hedge fund research, portfolio management, investment consulting, investment banking, investment management, international finance and research. Career opportunities for CFA’s with IT skills (trained in high-end packages like SAP, Oracle application and Baan) have increase manifold. CFA regarded as the key position by financial professionals.Site:


For a career in banking, one can start off by maintain accounts. Now a day’s banking sector recruits MBA graduates, CA’s and CFA’s to enhance the efficiency of banks. Now banks are in mutual funds, securitization business, credit cards, consumer loans, housing loans, etc this open up many career avenues.


Insurance field offers jobs in actuary, risk management manager, insurance surveyor, underwriter, etc. The key factor for success in this field is experience. In private sector generally management graduates are inducted in the areas of marketing. The commissions are the most common form of compensation for insurance agents and the amount depends on the type and amount of insurance sold.

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